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What is ESTA?
To reinforce safety of travel to America through Visa Waiver Program, conditions for travel without visa have intensified since January 2009.
People in the nation joined in Visa Waiver Program can travel America without visa, but they have to obtain ESTA before entering America.
Who should obtain ESTA?
Every traveler who use Visa Waiver Program should obtain approved travel permit before traveling to America.
In other word, ESTA is required to every traveler (including child) who wishing to use Visa Waiver Program.
Does ESTA guarantee entrance into America?
ESTA does not guarantee entrance into America.
When arriving America with ESTA, arrival inspection will be conducted by the staff of America Bureau of Customs and Border Protection. In this time, one can be disapproved.
How long is ESTA effective?
ESTA is approved until the nearer day between 2 years from the permission day and expiration date of applicant's passport. When applying ESTA, its available period will be displayed.
When should apply ESTA?
Application for ESTA can be submitted anytime before traveling to America.
American Government recommends to submit application for ESTA before 72 hours from the traveling date.
When applying ESTA, does application information cab be adjusted?
Most of ESTA application information can't be adjusted.
Adjustable information is email address, phone number, and travel information.
Passport information (English name, passport number, issuance date, expiration date, etc.) can't be adjusted, so input it carefully in the first application.
When applying ESTA, is travel information required?
Travel information and address for staying in America are not required.
In addition, even travel information or address for staying is changed, it is not required to adjust them.
What shall applicant do if his/her passport information is changed?
If applicant's passport is changed, he/she must apply new ESTA.
What shall applicant do if he/she is disapproved?
If travel permit is not approved by ESTA system, applicant must obtain visa to enter America. For more information about visa application procedure, please contact US Embassy.
What shall applicant do if ESTA is double-approved?
If ESTA is double-approved (due to various reasons such as system error), use the latest approval letters (approval number).
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